[TUTORIAL] mod Mage and Minions, Get Lots of Gems, Gold, Champions and Heroes Levels (Root)

[TUTORIAL] mod Mage and Minions, Get A number of Gems, Gold, Champions and Heroes Ranges (Root)

Howdy, everybody, it is me once more. :D

This time, permit me to let you know the right way to have your Mage and Minions get Huge Gems, Golds, Champions Have Max Stage, and Heroes even have Greatest Powers. Examine this out.

1. Gems mod

  • To start with, ensure you have utterly downloaded the information, no extra information loading course of.
  • Select your hero and play, open the primary stage.
  • Now open menu, go to achievements tab.
  • Open Recreation Guardian (later GG).
  • Be sure you have checked the Stack within the Search ranges possibility.
  • Search 50000;500000;2500000:2048 Dword
  • It is best to discover Three outcomes now, change all to 0
  • exit (reduce) GG, exit from the achievements tab and enter once more, declare the gems that’s 5 and 10 gems solely, let the 15 gems prize unclaimed.
  • Now open GG, clear search and search once more 5;10;15:256 Dword
  • Press Identified and search 15
  • Decrease GG, exit from achivements tab and menu, enter the achievements tab agan
  • Maintain search 15, it is best to discover round 348 outcomes
  • Filter the outcomes to 100, as a result of if you happen to edit without delay, the sport might crash.
  • Now edit 15 into 16 with increment 1 (if you cannot discover increment, simply press the + on the backside of the edit menu)
  • Decrease GG, shut the achievements menu, please have a look whether or not the 15 gems has modified or not, if not go to the subsequent step.
  • Now, edit the worth into 15 once more, and take away the filter 100, (I do not know the way however I simply change the filter into 10000 so this time, all values will probably be proven)
  • Invert the choice, edit worth into 16 increment 1
  • Decrease GG, shut achievements open it once more. This time the 15 gems ought to change to a different worth.
  • Open GG, discover that worth within the gems achivement and alter it into one thing massive, warning, if you happen to change it too massive, the gems will probably be Zero and also you lose the prospect. My recommendation is to vary into 2123456789, that ought to be sufficient to finish the sport, lol.
  • Now, uncheck that 2123456789 and edit all others again into 15
  • Decrease GG, exit the achievements and enter once more, please be sure the gems has modified from 15 to one thing BIG. if not, repeat from step 1 of this tutorial :p
  • Declare it and you might be able to go.
  • Too complicated?? alright right here is the video
  • video by MG

2. Golds?

  • Effectively, you should buy golds utilizing your gems, brah, no want that elaborated steps like above.

3. Champions Stage*

  • Warning earlier than doing this steps, you could have at the very least one other champion who has completed Marcus Village and purchase some chests. Put these chests into the stash.
  • Now create one other Champion.
  • Play it, and please put together your GG.
  • It is best to see Four enemies in close to that bridge, guess what? every enemy offers you Three exp, so??
  • Kill one enemy, open GG and search 3.
  • Shut GG, kill one different enemy, simply bear in mind, every enemy offers you Three exp.
  • Open GG and seek for 6 (if in case you have killed 2 enemies) or 9 (if Three enemies are killed).
  • Change these into one thing massive (however please not too massive, in case your champion reaches degree 60 or extra, you will not have champion degree so as to add your buff later, so to be secure, ensure you attain degree 59.) The worth ought to be round 5100000
  • Kill different enemy and see you will have leveled up, now test your GG, these 5100000 you modified beforehand ought to have modified to round hundred hundreds.
  • Change these values (ought to be 2 values) into 700000 and your degree will probably be 59. Simply cease it there, and degree up your self till you get to degree 60 (within the subsequent stage).
  • Full the primary stage and now open the chest within the stash tab.
  • Equip all of them and now struggle the subsequent degree.
  • Good luck. Confused once more? Simply see this video
  • I recorded this video final night time utilizing Mage and Minions 1.1.49, newest one

4. Heroes Max Stage

  • Effectively, after you accomplished Marcus Village, now you can purchase one thing, simply however 2 extra heroes as your alternative.
  • Simply use sport guardian, bro, it is just about straightforward so I need not clarify once more.
  • See this video for extra particulars.

Alright everybody, thanks for studying my very lengthy tutorial. I hope it really works for you.
And final however not least, thanks for @DaemonXSoul , Sir for the ultimate test earlier than posting.

Be aware: To make sure these technique to be efficiently completed, please set up model 1.1.29 first and upgrae to 1.1.49
A few of my mates can’t do Champions Stage up on model 1.1.49 as a result of the EXP at all times change again to authentic.

Download 1.1.29 HERE
Download 1.1.49 HERE

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