Kakao T – Taxi, Driver, Parking, Navi, Carpool – com.kakao.taxi.Apk

Kakao T – Taxi, Driver, Parking, Navi, Carpool – com.kakao.taxi.Apk

Description of Kakao T - Taxi, Driver, Parking, Navi, Carpool

Kakao T – Taxi, Driver, Parking, Navi, Carpool 4.1.13 com.kakao.taxi.Apk – Kakao T continues to make difference so that users can move, meet and experience
more than ever while getting out of mobility anxiety.

■ Experience mobility for you at Home
• Choose the service that you want
• See all the information at a glance

■ A journey with faith taxi
• Request a ride quickly and easily
• Luxury black cab service built with comfort

■ Professional chauffeur service
• Book your chauffeur online through app
• Ride home safely with chauffeur insurance

■ Say goodbye to parking stress
• Just enter your destination to find available parking spots nearby
• KRW 3,000 off on your first order

■ Ride a bike when you go nearby
• When you can’t decide whether to walk or drive
• Now move easily and quickly with electric bikes

■ Fastest directions
• Fast and accurate directions based on real-time traffic information

■ Carpool to commute
• Match with nearby vehicles in the same direction
• Make your commute more free

■ Easier payment
• Pay for all service charges with a single card registration

※ Users may allow the following permissions to use the Kakao T service seamlessly. All permissions are divided into two categories – required and optional.

1. Required authority
1) Location is used for setting up pick-up point and destination
2) Storage space is used for saving the information of requested products.
3) Phone call is used for retrieving phone numbers for Kakao T verification.
4) Contacts will be used for tracking the progress of product requested

2. Selective authority
1) Mic is used for setting up pick-up point and destination based on voice recognition.
2) Camera is used for recognizing QR codes and customer complaints.

※ You can use the service even though you make no consent to Selective Access Authority.
※ You can change the access level in mobile phone Settings > App > Kakao T.

※ Kakao T’s permissions are divided into required permissions and optional permissions from Android 6.0 and up. If your device is running a lower version, you are recommended to check with the manufacturer of your device if the OS can be updated and, if yes, update your OS to 6.0 or higher, since you may not choose which optional permissions you will grant. Please also note that permissions granted by the previous version of the app will not be changed even if the OS is updated. Therefore, you must delete the existing app and re-install a new one to re-set permissions.
1. Enjoy a safer Taxi ride! You can now contact 112 immediately using a new in-app Report feature when you ever need urgent help during a trip.
2. AutoPay Plus has been added. Once you apply, parking fees are automatically paid when you exit an AutoPay parking lot. (Wow, it’s real!)
3. The automatic input feature has been added for a Driver user who often fails to enter Start Point/Destination. (Wow, again!)

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Information of Kakao T - Taxi, Driver, Parking, Navi, Carpool

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