What is the difference between an insurance agent and an insurance broker?

Although many people think so, they are not the same. Insurance agents and insurance brokers are professionals who, although they carry out their work in the same sector, they do it differently.

What is an insurance agent? What types exist?

An insurance agent can be defined as a mediator whose professional activity is linked to a specific insurance company by contract. There are two types of insurance agents: exclusive and linked.


Exclusive insurance agents are registered in the Registry of Agents of a specific insurance company . It is the same company that is responsible for training and preparing its own professionals.


Bonded insurance agents work for multiple insurers at the same time . In order to do this, it is necessary to pass specific training and also a test, in addition to having permission from the insurer.

What is an insurance broker and how does it work?

As part of the  differences between insurance agent and broker , the insurance broker mediates between the different insurance companies and the client without being linked to any of the first. This in itself is already a great advantage as an independent advisor, but other characteristics are still important:


The insurance broker is a qualified professional. To carry out his work, he is required to carry out an objective analysis, which is what will allow him to make the appropriate proposal to the client, based on professional criteria . In USA, insurance brokers are required to annually pass tests designed by the General Directorate of Insurance and continuously train on a triennial basis.


Its objective is to offer professional and objective advice , which implies being impartial. Something that facilitates the fact that insurance brokers are not linked to any specific company.


An insurance broker is required to have a lot of training and also has professional obligations such as informing the client about the conditions of the insurance contract that they believe it is convenient to highlight for the benefit of their client.


The insurance broker will establish a close relationship with the insured, looking out for their interests and always offering them the offer of coverage that best suits their characteristics, conditions and budget, being the trusted contact person between the insurer and the client. This is part of  everything an insurance broker can do for you .

At the customer’s side

The insurance broker, as a professional, is also obliged to inform, advise and assist the client at all times, especially in the event that the latter has a claim. Therefore, it can be said that the insurance broker is a professional who is always at the client’s side, looking out for his or her interests , including monitoring news and interests.

As a user, with which professional am I most interested in contracting my insurance?

Insurance agents work defending the interests of one or several companies in the sector. This means that if you are interested in a particular company and policy and looking to contract directly with them, an insurance agent is the best option to talk to.

If, on the other hand, your primary objective is to obtain personalized and extensive coverage in your insurance, a good price and defense of your interests , then do not doubt that what you need is to have the service of a good insurance broker.

In summary, as a user, you will always obtain more advantages if you receive advice from an insurance broker . Their advice, in addition to impartial, is free and does not increase the price of the insurance you hire.

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