Most Demanding Insurance of Young People

Yes. Indeed, young people are also concerned about protecting themselves from the risks involved in having a car, a house, children, health problems, etc. However, the insurances most demanded by young people differ from those that are most requested by older people and with other preferences. Today we are going to analyze what exactly young people demand from their insurance and what their preferences are when it comes to insuring their assets and having support for their concerns.

The main concerns of young Generation people

Last year, the study ‘Insurance Market in USA 2018’ carried out by the company Fintonic, showed that one of the biggest concerns of the population is health . Even young people under thirty bet on them. In fact, one in five families has directly contracted health insurance . And the demand for these has increased by 12% in the last year and up to 22% among those under 30 years of age.

One of the insurances most demanded by young people is health

On the other hand, the month in which more insurance is contracted is the month of November . The main reason is because many policies expire at the end of the year, regardless of when they were purchased.

At this point, insurers launch very attractive offers in order to continue attracting customers , including young people.

Insurance for young people, what types are there?

Among the proposals that insurers make to their younger customers, who are more concerned about new mobility , we find the following:

bike insurance

More and more people are commuting by bicycle , especially young people. And the truth is that doing so carries certain risks. For this reason, and due to the knowledge of the cases of accidents on the road with this type of vehicle, this insurance is very attractive for young people.

Car insurance for young people

Car insurance is the most demanded by young people without a doubt. Once they get their license and have a vehicle, the first step is to take out a policy for the vehicle they are going to use. In this sense, if the insurance is going to be put in the name of the young person, it is best to go to an insurance broker. so that they can find the best price without penalties for age. Should you include your child in car insurance if he uses it occasionally?

Why? Generally, the prices of insurance for young people are more expensive than those of those people who already have a long enough license. Which means that, if we want to access insurance, we will have to look for the best offer. And we can only achieve that by accessing an insurance broker.

youth motorcycle insurance

Many young people, before getting their license, have a motorcycle, for which, logically, they will need insurance. These insurances, depending on the type of motorcycle and other factors, can be expensive or difficult to access . Again, we recommend that you do not waste time and go to a brokerage to be informed of the best price.

Insurance of electric Bikes

Today, this insurance for scooters is not yet mandatory in USA but, due to the rise of this means of mobility, even with sharing companies, and to traffic restrictions of combustion in large cities —in addition to the advantages of ease of use, storage and transportation—, it is highly recommended to have a policy that covers possible damage caused by accidents in its use. Last year there were about 300 accidents related to the use of electric scooters. These insurances usually cover both material and physical damage depending on the contracted policy and the prices usually vary depending on the user’s profile and the type of scooter and use for which it is intended (regular, recreational or professional), and usually range between €20 and €100 per year.

Travel insurance

One last insurance for young people that is also in high demand is travel insurance . Are you interested? Check the prices and choose the cheapest. Remember that in all your insurance you can customize your coverage. We help you? If you are young, contact us and we will look for personalized insurance at your own pace. This way you will pay less for what you really need.

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