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With the beginning of the academic year, many students decide to spend a year at a foreign university. USA heads the list of countries that receive foreign students in their universities, above countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom. But just as they enter, since the launch of the Erasmus program in 1987, four million Spaniards have gone abroad to complete their training . Due to its duration, around a year, it is advisable that before embarking on the course to the chosen country, these tips are taken into account.

  1. Documents in order. Check the expiration date of the identity document or passport and check that it will remain valid during the period of stay abroad.
  2. Credit card. Confirm with your bank that you can use the credit or debit card abroad. Likewise, find out about the commissions that you have to pay for the operations that you carry out.
  3. Information about the country. Look for information about the country of destination: schedules, means of transport, customs, type of currency, emergency telephone numbers, hospitals, etc. See if  your pet needs a passport to travel abroad.
  4. Look in advance for the apartment or residence where you are going to stay during the course, taking into account different aspects such as the opinions of students, the distance to the university, if it has nearby means of transport and establishments where you can make purchases. Sharing a flat is usually a very enriching experience, but if in doubt, opt for a student residence.
  5. Contact the consulate in your country. It is convenient to register as a temporary resident at the consulate.
  6. European sanitary card. If you do not have the  European health card, it is convenient that you request it. And if you have it, check the date because this card is valid for two years. Having it guarantees you health care in any country of the European Union.
  7. Insurance for students who traveling abroad. To be protected against any unforeseen event, insurers offer specific insurance, which covers different eventualities, such as health care (especially for those cases in which you need to go to private health), loss of luggage, flight delays, early return home, anticipation of funds in case of theft, lodging of a relative for reasons of hospitalization of the student, etc. Also check if your private health insurance is valid in the country where you are going to study.

Each company offers certain coverage, all of them designed so that the student is as protected as possible . As a general rule, this type of insurance is usually contracted for one year, which is the duration of the academic year. The profile that this type of insurance is aimed at is young people between 18 and 25 years old.

This type of insurance is also extended to young people who are going to carry out professional internships or even work in other countries . In the same way, these same coverages can be contracted by those students who come to USA.

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