What does the legal defense of home insurance cover?

Many home insurances include this coverage as standard and others offer it as an option. What kind of guarantees do you offer?

One question we should ask ourselves when taking out home insurance is whether it has legal advice coverage and, in general, what does the legal defense of home insurance cover?

Many home insurances include this coverage as standard and others offer it as an option. We are going to see what it consists of and why it is convenient to take this type of guarantee into account.

What is the legal defense of home insurance?

The legal defense of home insurance is a coverage usually included in this type of policy, although it can also be contracted as a specific product independently.

In this article we are going to focus on the first of the concepts, but remember that this type of legal services can also be included in other types of insurance other than home insurance, such as car insurance .

In any case, what legal defense coverage guarantees is that the insurance company will bear the procedural costs in the event that the insured is involved in a legal proceeding in relation to their home and, usually, also those related to consumer and labor claims.

What does the legal defense of home insurance cover?

In general, the legal defense of home insurance covers the legal advice of the insured, the filing of claims on their behalf , the request for compensation for damages caused, as well as the civil liability of the insured , so that the damages caused are covered. to third parties for assumptions such as works, damage, etc.

As we saw earlier, these benefits are usually included in home insurance and others such as vehicle insurance to a limited extent, although specific legal defense insurance can be taken out.

Tips for contracting home insurance with legal defense

It is essential to use a reliable home insurance comparator before deciding to take out home insurance and look carefully at the coverage of each one . Check if it includes legal defense among its basic coverage or if it has any additional cost.

It is also interesting that you find out about the capital limits of this protection and other factors such as the legal offices with which they work or even if the insured can choose a lawyer.

Home insurance coverage with legal defense

Apart from general legal assistance, this coverage will be of particular interest to you in certain cases, for example, if you have a rental home or have domestic help staff.

Keep in mind that certain procedures that we carry out on a relatively daily basis require administrative or judicial procedures that are also covered by these insurances . We refer to procedures related to our own works or those of third parties, disputes with the community of neighbors, domestic accidents, procurement of supplies, etc.

The coverages are very varied, but they include assistance from lawyers for cases in which your interests are at stake . These are some of the basic services that usually include:

  • Compensation for damagesto the insured or their property.
  • Claimfor damage and annoying or dangerous third party activities.
  • Claims for consumption of goods and servicesby the insured.
  • Legal advice.
  • Criminal defense (in the event that there is no bad faith on the part of the insured).

What types of legal defense insurance are there?

Depending on who the contracting party is and what they need to protect, these policies can be included in home and community insurance, drivers, self-employed and companies or exclusively for legal defense in the personal or family sphere.

Use a reliable insurance comparator and choose

To compare between different types of insurance and companies, it is best to use the services of an online insurance comparator that in a few seconds offers you a complete and personalized list based on your criteria and expectations. Pyou can price in a minute without paying commissions, without commitments and with the personalized advice of your team of specialists.

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