Should I include my son in the car insurance if he uses it occasionally?

If there is a question that usually haunts us when it comes to registering our car insurance, it is whether we should declare who is going to drive it occasionally. In this article we talk precisely about it. We tell you whether or not you should include your child in the car insurance .

All drivers under 25 years of age must be declared in the insurance policy

This headline makes it very clear what the law says about who can or cannot drive a car without being mentioned in the insurance policy. The principle for all  car insurance  is the same: everyone under the age of 25 who is going to drive a car must be mentioned as an occasional or regular driver . Why? Well, basically because the accident rate is much higher in this age range.

It is understood that young drivers have a series of circumstances that make them more susceptible to accidents on the road . For example, young people tend to be more reckless than adults, as a general rule. In addition, there is evidence and studies that confirm this.

It must also be taken into account that young drivers tend to have less experience behind the wheel and for this reason, the accident rate among people between 18 and 25 years of age behind the wheel is much higher than among adults.

Be that as it may, if you have a son or daughter under 25 years of age and they are going to take your car, you must declare it . And you should also bear in mind that it is very possible that your car insurance premium will rise slightly. Don’t worry, in the long run you will win.

Are there alternatives to lower the cost or avoid the increase in insurance?

Nobody likes to pay more for their insurance, which is why many people have decided directly to ignore that their child under 25 occasionally uses the car , which is a serious mistake.

These differences in price are directly related to the factors we have mentioned. The more risk the insurer calculates you have, the higher the premium it will set. It also counts, of course, the  driving record  that you and your child have. You may be able to find a good price reduction at the age of 24 or 25 if you have been an excellent driver.

What happens if a young driver has an accident and it is discovered that he was not included in the policy? 

In general, what would happen is that the coverage you have in your insurance would not be effective . In the event of an accident and seeing that an uninsured person under the age of 25 was driving, the company has the right to cancel your insurance with you and not pay you to fix your car, so you would be in serious trouble.

Do you have an occasional driver at home under the age of 25? Our best advice is that, even if the policy goes up a bit, we should always be 100% transparent with our insurer and declare ourselves as an occasional young driver . Otherwise we could have a dislike and lose a lot of money.

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